Jul 5, 2011

n e w p o s t

New paitings are in progress. I nedd to get more acrylics, more pure colours. Phthalo blue from Talens hioooo. A list of neccessary artistic goodies needs to be done. Future shoping in Silesian art store sound delicious. I have  to figure out where I can get parts from hand watches - for brooches with dried flowers. One is almost done, photos soon. Kitties become bigger and bigger, cutter and cutter.
Refreshing Mum in those rainy days - one wouldn't believe its summer -.- ....anyway, Mum sparkling sounds make the days brighter than they really are.
Private Outerspace needs a gallery, of what kind - I don't know yet LOL. But there will be one, either with my artworks or gathered artisan crafts.
I have a new corner on Art Impresja.pl
And now....painting uno in progress:

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