Jul 6, 2014

Acrylics and soft pastels

I've always been fascinated with oceanology. Thermal vents, sea life, reef environment etc. have inspired me since I remember. I had a weekend routine to watch documentaries on the life below the water surface. When I met Peter (Piotr Zygmunt) this routine became our thing. He was the one who introduced me to soft pastels - from the practical side. We made some collaborations and this year I wanted to try them out once again. After watercolours my second favourite technique is acrylics. I've created one or two small soft pastel pieces but after combining them with acrylics I could spread my wings. More such artworks will come for sure. How do I do it? I use acrylics as a background on glass panel and "print" it to paper - after everything dries I use soft pastels to draw details and give full life to my vision. 

I apologize for the photo of the artwork, in the future I'll try to make a better one.


Serenity | acrylics and soft pastel | 2014

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