Aug 11, 2016

Artistic updates

So here is August. It came so quickly. June and July have passed and new artistic adventures have happened. Let me write a list:

- I have an ongoing project including calligraphy, names and drawing - it's open for orders, just write me an e-mail.

- my shop on DaWanda has new items for sale - handmade artistic charms, sculpted in clay, hand painted and textured with magic

- I'm constantly drawing and painting in watercolours so that is good

- I'm creating tattoo projects - they mostly appear on my instagram as it is quick and easy to update this social media place

- I've started sharing the content from my instagram on my fb social account to make it more up to date....I'm super unsystematic in creating posts on fb but it will change, I promise :)

- I'm continuing the passion for altering various objects and giving them more artistic and unique appearance. I've done a small table not so long ago, a couple of frames (available on DaWanda) and I'm planning on taking care of some wooden goodies

- I will put my original artworks for sale on various places for example one is on DaWanda, the second is on "The Facebook Administrative Universal Art Group" and there will be more. Perhaps I will make a separate gallery here on the blog with original artworks for sale (there will be mostly my older artworks and sketches as I have less space to store them since I've moved and so I have to let them go, hoping they will find kind owners very soon)

- my shop on Society6 is finally alive for a few days now, so I encourage you to check it out, say hello, take a look at my goodies there and if you buy a print or anything else please share :D

- I am also open for commissions of any artistic kind like drawing, painting for you, creating a tattoo project know what I do so don't be shy and write if you are interested in having a special custom made art piece :)

- I'm thinking of uploading some artsy content to my you tube channel - yes, I have one but it's no so alive as it should be. What do you think, would you be interested in watching some videos of how I work and how my art pieces come to life? Let me know in the comment section.

All links to my new and old places in this giant web are right there, in the right sidebar :)

I don't know how many of you are there, outer space travelers, but I believe that you exist and will be brave to share, say hello, leave a comment or mark you presence in any other tasty way :) Thanks in advance!


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