Feb 23, 2019

February 2019

2019. Spring in near so changes in the blog are quite self explanatory. And some activity, finally ;) Three parts of portfolio are hanging under the banner graphic. Part III is in progress of uploading. New artworks are on the easle, desk, shelves...etc. - also still in progress. For a bit up to date studio life pics check out my instagram. In case of questions and orders please check the CONTACT section and use e-mail only. 

Thank you for your patience dear visitors.


Jan 8, 2017

First watercolors of 2017

Like in the title of the post :) I am so happy that I've started the first week of new year with watercolors. For a better photo I've put passe-partout over the pieces, when I have access to a scanner I will update the galleries. Both artworks are small, 18.5 x 12.5 cm.
Lady in the stars | watercolors | 2017

Reptile's Dream I | watercolors | 2017


Dec 1, 2016

More cards :)

Simple, mostly paper focused cards, trio in shades of blue and the set of two (you have seen one in the previous post) with snowflakes and ornaments.


Nov 28, 2016

Let it snow!

A card done as a part of duo, the second one is almost identical. I wanted to do something in light colours but with stronger accents. It's quite simple but with a specific aura, I think :) / Kartka posiadająca prawie identyczną bliźniaczkę, część scrapowego duo, w lekkich kolorach ale z mocniejszym akcentem. Jest dość prosta, ale posiada specyficzną aurę, przynajmniej dla mnie :)

See you in my next post!


Nov 23, 2016

Promised watercolor paintings

As I promised in my last posts here are two, small watercolor paintings done recently. I still have an ink piece inspired by deep sea creatures to finish, a bigger watercolor artwork and two small acrylic paintings on the table. However I am still in the mood for Christmas decor, cards etc. I have even started a Christmas tree from a bamboo sticks and ribbons and actually it's looking quite nice but it also needs to be finished. So, I am in the "in progress" mode at the moment.

Autumn Vibes | watercolors | 2016

Moth's Song | watercolors | 2016


Nov 22, 2016

Frozen microbeads

Another card in mixed media technique. When I start applying those magic stuff I can't get enough. Inspired by the frosted trees. They were sparkling behind my windows a few days ago. / Kolejna, "naciapana" kartka. Jak już zacznę to nie mogę się "namediować". Inspiracja przyszła z oszronionych drzew, migoczących za oknem kilka dni temu.

Kartkę zgłaszam na wyzwanie 13arts:
 13arts wyzwanie 48
ze sklepu 13arts użyłam jednej z ulubionych past modelujących i srebrnych mikrokulek


wyzwanie ECO-DECO Szaro mi

Tomorrow there will be a little watercolor post and more card previews in the following days!