Feb 20, 2011

The brooch stadium of the battlefield

 ...this is after a portion of cleaning;) The brooch stadium of the battlefield stays visible for some days during the week. Surrounded by the haze of unidentified ideas, it stays ready, it awaits me. When the haze crystalizes and brooches are left for drying, the battlefield passes on to the next stadium - artwork stadium. From artisan crafts to traditional artworks. From traditional artworks to artisan crafts. Both stadiums important. Both meaningful. But the second one (listed here) will always be the first one - in my heart.
Why battlefield? Because of the battle of so many ideas where the winner gest to the head position in the line of "to do list", because of the battle of so many accessories where the winner stays on the desk instead on the floor...etc, etc, etc...
Photos of the second stadium soon, its turn is just behind the corner of time.

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