Jul 2, 2014

Technical updates

Hello to my visitors. This is a short update, technical one. I've created GALLERY pages on Private Outer Space. The first one, GALLERY 2007-2012 contains 5 mini galleries where my artworks are sorted by the technique and the year. GALLERY 2013-2014 contains 2 mini galleries where artworks are sorted only by the year of creation. Of course the gallery of the present year will be updated, let's say every two weeks. I've also changed gallery folders on dA. Now there are 3 major folders + one additional created for the technical needs of Visionary Art Gallery. Those major folders are: ARTWORKS 2007-2009, ARTWORKS 2010-2012, ARTWORKS 2013-2014. Only the last one will be updated. This information is just in case you have wondered what have happened with the folders. So, that's it, have a nice summer day and stay in touch - new acrylic paintings and watercolours will soon appear on Private Outer Space, dA and my fb pages.


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