Barbara Wiewiórska / artistic pseudonym: PellucidMind
I was born in Poland. In 2008 I received B.A. degree in English Philology – thesis on translation studies.
In the field of painting, drawing etc I’m a self-taught, always trying to follow the “voice” of my imagination and intuition. Watercolour is the major technique I work with, often juxtaposed with ink, ballpoint pen etc. I am interested in the sphere of art connected with fantasy, expressionism (figurative and abstract), surrealism, visionary art but also with impressionism. Other techniques I work with are ink juxtaposed with ballpoint pen, digital techniques (all kinds of experimental texture mixing etc.), acrylics, distemper and all hybrids of those mixed in unconventional ways. My style can be defined as a mixture of styles, yet with a visible personal portion.

In 2010 one of my digital artworks was published in "Imagine The Imagination. New Visions Of Surrealism" and two of my traditional artworks were published in "Visionary Art Yearbook 2010-2011".
I took part in 23rd Art Review Exhibition in Krosno, Poland 2007 - 3 of my artworks were published in the exhibition catalogue

Imagine The Imagination
Visionary Art Yearbook 2010-2011

  • Honored with the Artwork Of The Day title on - 1 time
  • Honored with the Artwork Of The Day title on - 5 times
  • Honored with Daily Deviation award on DeviantArt - 2 times
  • Honored with the the Artwork Of The Day title on - 4 times
  • Featured on ArtLimited - 2 times

    I.2013 Vernissage  and Exhibition in  Galeria Pod Łukami - MDK Ligota,  Katowice, Poland